Daniel Keeton

Mr. Keeton’s professional career spans nearly a decade of clinical research expertise. In parallel, he is known for his relentless pursuits as a passionate entrepreneur and aspiring social innovator. Utilizing his graduate education in clinical research, Mr. Keeton has enjoyed an exciting career in various roles in the clinical research process and with nationally recognized companies and institutions. From trial management to statistics, he has both ground-level perspectives as well as a global understanding of the medical research world. In 2014, Milestones Research was launched to address the present and historical roadblocks in conducting clinical research in the United States and around the world. As the Founder & CEO, he is committed to delivering the highest quality data, while maintaining unquestionable ethics, through scientifically informed research to positively impact lives. From this foundation, Milestones Research aims to be the leader as an independent and unbiased provider of clinical research dedicated to the investigation of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis derivatives.