Dr. Aseem Sappal, M.D.
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Dr. Aseem Sappal, M.D.

Dr. Aseem Sappal is Provost and Dean of the Faculty for Oaksterdam University; as such, he serves as the corporate CFO and Chief Academic Officer. His responsibilities include directing operations, developing faculty, improving the curriculum, financial management and strategic growth & partnerships.

He is a Professor of Business, Science and Civics, representing Oaksterdam University across the nation as a subject matter expert to health care professionals, business leaders, politicians and the media while promoting education and improving public awareness.

Dr. Sappal holds a Medical Degree from India, serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Health Research Institute, which works with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, is on the board of the Public Education Program Fund and is an advisor for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) and ReformCA.

He has lectured at numerous cannabis business conferences, often appears on media interviews as an expert, and writes for numerous magazines on the subjects of business, dispensary operations, horticulture and compliance. Dr Sappal is responsible for training numerous managers, business executives and investors on issues of compliance and best business practices.

Oaksterdam University courses have gone on the road nationally under his leadership, with international courses on the horizon, as well as starting a research and development program for the university. Dr. Sappal has overseen the production of campus videos and commercials, marketing, job placement, pharmacy programs, mandated education programs, training, certification and legislative advocacy.


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