Dr. Lawrence A. May, M.D.

Dr. Lawrence May M.D. is a board certified internist with broad experience in clinical medicine, academics, media and business. From Harvard Medical ('74) he started residency and then joined the faculty of the UCLA medical school where he directed the health services research center at the Wadsworth, VA hospital and served as a founder and co-director of the center for health enhancement education and research (CHEER) at UCLA. Dr. May has written many books and articles including a widely used textbook entitled Primary Care Medicine. Dr. May became an important formulator of nutritional products and served as executive vice president for medical and scientific affairs for Herbalife International. He has appeared in the media, lectured internationally, and consulted to industry and medical institutions, as well as serving on their boards. He was a founder of Physician’s Therapeutics and helped develop its parent company, Targeted Medical Pharma.