JeffThe420Chef is a private cannabis chef, medible’s expert and Author of The Ganja Gourmet: The Joy of Cooking with Cannabis (Harper Collins Wave, June 2016). He is also a culinary Instructor and media personality. The Daily Beast calls him the Julia Child of Weed, Newsweek calls him the Ganja Gourmet and Elite Daily calls him The King of Edibles. Known for his “tasteless” cannabutter and canna-oils as well as his gourmet and comfort food, Jeff's extensive knowledge of cannabis and how to properly cook with the herb, coupled with his culinary skill, creativity, enthusiasm and passion in the kitchen has lent to his success in attracting a large fan base of medical cannabis patients who seek out his original recipes and cooking classes. JeffThe420Chef recently made headlines when he introduced the world’s first THC/CBD Calculator to help other chefs and home cooks figure out the potency of their home made cannabis infused edibles.