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Number of servings: 6 Ingredients 1 ½ cups Jamesontm Irish whisky (we are going to boil out the alcohol content) 5 Ice cubes 6 KIVA Terra Espressotm beans (5mg each*) 2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 shot of espresso or 1 teaspoon instant coffee 1 cup heavy cream ½ cup sweetened

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You may have already heard about the Entourage Effect present in high-THC cannabis sativa. But did you know that a similar dynamic exists with regards to hemp? Some cannabis consumers and advocates in the industry have been misinformed about the actual composition of some CBD-rich hemp products. This article will clear

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It’s one of those hot debates that seem to never go away in the world of weed. Most people don’t have a clue about this genetic and economic quagmire. There’s a good chance what you think you bought from a dealer or dispensary isn’t legitimate. Sometimes you do buy truthful

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As Cannabidiol’s (CBD)’s medicinal qualities continue to make waves across the country, more states are starting to look into limited medical marijuana legalization laws so their residents can get access to CBD products to treat their debilitating medical conditions. If a patient is unlucky enough to live in a state with no laws in place

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The Cannabis Manifesto is both a call to action and a radical vision of humans’ relationship with this healing but controversial plant. Steve DeAngelo, the founder of Harborside Health Center, the world’s largest medical-cannabis dispensary, presents a compelling case for cannabis as a wellness catalyst that must be legalized. His

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