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CHJ:  Welcome Daniel to Cannabis Health.   We appreciate thoughtful ventures in the medical cannabis industry, particularly those involved in research as we believe that the more we know about the potential of cannabinoid science, the more likely we can find targeted therapies to a variety of ailments.   Would you mind

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India is a land steeped in faith and mysticism. Ayurveda, combining the Sanskrit words for life and knowledge7, is a system of medicine intertwined inextricably with these traits. That a core of belief combined with empirical experimentation could produce a viable medical regimen still widely practiced after well over 5000 years

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Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with Dr. Sue Sisley to talk about her journey into the cannabis world. While Sue has never used cannabis herself, she has seen the impact it has had on her patients. More specifically, veterans suffering from PTSD, as Sue has worked directly with those

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