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India is a land steeped in faith and mysticism. Ayurveda, combining the Sanskrit words for life and knowledge7, is a system of medicine intertwined inextricably with these traits. That a core of belief combined with empirical experimentation could produce a viable medical regimen still widely practiced after well over 5000 years

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This article has been re-posted from the July – August 2003 Cannabis Health Journal. By Dr. Lester Grinspoon The government of the United States has a problem where medical marijuana is concerned. While there are many thousands of patients in the United States who currently use cannabis as a medicine,

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This article has been re-posted from the July – August 2005 Cannabis Health Journal. Dr. Lester is truly one of the most respected and loved marijuana advocates in the world. On behalf of all the volunteers and supporters of Cannabis Health we would like to thank him, from the bottom

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