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CannaVest Sponsors Graduate Student’s Agricultural Hemp Research

CannaVest Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products, today announced it is a proud sponsor of the first graduate student concentrating on hemp research and production at the University of Kentucky. CannaVest strongly supports Kentucky’s continued efforts to revive hemp agriculture in the United States.

The first year graduate student in the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment will receive a full grant to support her research focusing on hemp, the first of its kind for the college. “Sponsoring the advancement of cannabinoid research is something we strongly support. We are pleased to invest in Kentucky’s pioneering efforts to further technology on cost-effective methods of hemp agriculture. These efforts support the goal to bring hemp farming back to the United States,” said Michael Mona III, vice president of operations at CannaVest.

David Williams, agronomist and professor at University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment stated, “Without CannaVest’s support, we wouldn’t be able to commit the effort that we have right now to this important research. Supporting a graduate student focused solely on hemp and cannabinoid research allows us to do what we need to make a tremendous difference.”

On August 13th this year, in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment hosted a field day to showcase their hemp-related projects.

CannaVest representatives attended and spoke about their commitment to the University’s program. Kentucky has been at the forefront of hemp research and agriculture and is leading the way to assure consumer confidence in hemp-related products. As members of the Kentucky Hemp Industry Association and Kentucky Hemp Industry Council, CannaVest is committed to bringing awareness on the many uses of hemp, and will continue to support the advancement of the hemp industry in the United States.

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