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New Legacy 2 Legal Campaign by Superette Aims To Dissolve Misconceptions About The Illicit Market

An Ontario-based cannabis retailer has partnered with a handful of licensed producers to bring Canadian consumers a campaign with an important message about the legacy market.

In an interview with Cannabis Health, Superette co-founder and CEO Mimi Lam said the Legacy 2 Legal campaign was developed to educate consumers about brands that have successfully transitioned to the legal market, while attempting to dissolve misconceptions that the public might have about the illicit market.

“We want to shape an inclusive narrative, and I would say most importantly, pay respects to those who built the path that allows us to be here as legal operators,” Lam said about the campaign’s message.

“There is a very rich history in Canada and around the world when it comes to cannabis, but some people see the legacy and legal spaces as two separate parts of the industry.”

Campaign Tells Success Stories

Lam and the Superette team are leveraging the retailer’s various social media platforms to start a conversation that will highlight different stories of brands and people who have straddled both sides of the industry, with a successful transition to the legal side of the market. The motivation for the campaign, Lam said, also has a lot to do with providing some much-needed air time to smaller companies that are sometimes drowned out by licensed producers with bigger marketing budgets.

“In Canada specifically, we’ve seen a lot of these larger publicly traded companies that are focused in the legal space take up a lot of the spotlight, and we want the public to be able to understand that there are so many more layers to this industry,” she said. 

Licensed Producers Will Donate Five Percent of Sales, Superette To Match

Superette has partnered with Carmel Cannabis, BLLRDR, and Good Buds, three licensed producers that will donate five percent of all sales from late April to June 7 to Cannabis Amnesty. The popular Ontario retail chain will match all contributions to the non-profit organization, which has been lobbying the federal government for blanket pardons for Canadians charged with simple possession since 2018. 

“In lieu of the federal cannabis framework not creating a place for social equity and justice in cannabis, Cannabis Amnesty has been a champion and a very prominent group advocating for those things,” Lam said. Matching the donations made by the three partnering licensed producers is part of Superette’s “commitment to what we believe is the right path forward for this industry,” she said.

“This is critical. We’re not a company that keeps the blinders on. Whether we’re in cannabis or not, we are first and foremost a community, and we are here to bring positivity, and to take care of those around us. These conversations… are just the beginning.”

Superette’s Super Strains collection highlights notable cultivars like Blue Dream, Pink Kush, and Maui Wowie.

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Threads To Match

Another way consumers can support the campaign is through Superette’s Super Strains apparel collection, a recently released line of repurposed Champion hoodies and sweats embroidered with names like Blue Dream, Pink Kush, and Maui Wowie. 

“It’s really a nod to legacy strains that stoners recognize and love, strains that were equally loved into the legal market,” Lam said. The Legacy 2 Legal campaign will continue through the summer with plans for new collection drops in the near future.

Main photo credit: Jen Squires