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Mollo 5 Lime

Review: New Mollo 5 Lime Mimics Beer Well But Could Use More A Little More Citrus

It’s a hot summer afternoon, and you’re looking to relax, unwind and enjoy a cold beverage. As a past consumer of alcohol, I’d be reaching for a cold beer. Enter Mollo 5 Lime.

Due to medication interactions and personal preferences, I no longer consume alcohol. Luckily for me and many others who remain alcohol-free, we now have an assortment of cannabis beverages on the recreational market here in Canada (and some of them are even meant to mimic beer).

Truss Beverage Co. introduced a new line of cannabis beverages this summer with a fun twist on their classic Mollo beverage: they added lime. Each bottle retails for $6.99 in New Brunswick at Cannabis NB retailers. Prices vary but are similar in other provinces.

The Bottle

Truss Beverage Co. was innovative when designing these bottles, and consumers have remarked on the clever branding and classic stubby bottle shape. (Red Stripe, anyone?) This design closely resembles a craft beer, but its contents come without the hangover or excess calories of a regular wobbly pop.

Mollo’s new lime-flavoured beverage would make a great alternative to beer for your next campfire or fishing trip, or simply as a cocktail or beer replacement at your next backyard party or outdoor gathering. (Plus, with it’s beer-like shape, this weed drink will blend in among your friend’s alcoholic ones.)

Mollo 5 Lime
Except for the giant yellow warning label, the Mollo 5 Lime closely resembles a beer.

The Flavour

Mollo 5 Lime is very different in flavour from the original, but has a familiar taste. HEXO, in conjunction with Molson Coors, designed this line of drinks together and has since become the top-selling cannabis beverage brand in Canada. 

HEXO describes this beverage as “crisp and lightly hopped with refreshing lime flavour.” Though it has the same ingredients as beer, such as barley, malt, and hops, you’ll find 5 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD in place of alcohol. The subtle hint of lime does the job, reminding me of existing beers like Coors Slice or Bud Light Lime. 

My preference for enjoying this drink is in a glass and garnished with a lime wedge. I found the hops overpowered any lingering cannabis flavour, making it an easy-to-drink beverage. But the fact remains: if you don’t like beer, you won’t enjoy this beverage. 

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The Effects

As far as effects go, this beverage is probably my new favourite. Picture yourself on the beach, the breeze is blowing, the temperature is perfect, and you’re enjoying the feeling of the sunshine on your skin. That’s the feeling I got from a bottle of Mollo 5 Lime. I felt like I was in a floaty, dream-like state with a mad case of giggles. I found the combination of the THC and CBD was perfect for that full-bodied high. 

I started feeling the effects even before I consumed the whole beverage. Within 30 minutes, I was pretty content and found myself becoming one with the couch. I zoned out and enjoyed a few episodes of Modern Family and went to bed feeling relaxed. I slept well and woke up refreshed with no bloat or hangover. I could easily drink two of these in an evening. 

The Final Verdict

Would I purchase this again? Most definitely! As someone who enjoys the taste of beer, I’m quite a fan of Hexo’s Mollo products. My only complaint is that the lime flavour wasn’t strong enough for my liking. That is easily fixed by squeezing a lime slice into the drink and garnishing your glass with a lime wedge. Overall, the effects are great, the price is reasonable, and the flavour is decent. (There’s currently another one chilling in my fridge.)

This is a great summer-time beverage! Make sure to snag one or two on your next trip to your local recreational cannabis store.