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BC Organic Platinum Punch

Review: Simply Bare BC Organic Platinum Punch Pre-rolls Are Like A Refreshing Summer Cocktail, But Weed

Is it possible for a joint to provide the same summertime satisfaction as a crisp, refreshing cocktail? Some of you might disagree, but Simply Bare’s BC Organic Platinum Punch pre-rolls come pretty damn close. 

Nearly eight months ago, I made the decision to quit drinking, and while I found refraining in the winter months to be easy, I wondered if I might be more tempted by alcohol when warmer weather rolled around. So far, non-alcoholic beer and mocktails have been doing the trick, but since the vast majority of cannabis-infused beverages come in well below the 10-milligram mark—not quite high enough for my tolerance—I’ve been a little bummed at not being able to substitute cannabis beverages for alcohol.

You might find it odd to compare a cold beverage to a joint, but while sampling Simply Bare’s latest offering, BC Organic Platinum Punch, for the first time last week, I was struck by some similarities.

Presentation and Packaging: 5/5

First, let’s talk about presentation. One of the great things about a well-made cocktail (or mocktail) is all that ‘extra.’ Who doesn’t love a little fancy sugar on the rim and a decent garnish? Every type of pre-roll packaging I have encountered so far has struck me as uninspired, but the way this pack of three half-gram joints are packaged is efficient, attractive, and memorable: the pre-rolls come in a metal tin, and are individually sealed inside for freshness. I also found I didn’t struggle with the childproofing of this packaging as I have with others. Definite bonus points here.

Aroma and Appearance: 5/5

Opening up the plastic seal to try joint number one, a delicious, juicy scent erupted from the packaging, not unlike the scent you’d expect from a tropical fruit punch or a pitcher of sangria. The pre-rolls themselves looked more appealing than most other half-gram joints I’ve consumed so far, rolled long and skinny rather than short and stubby, without the obnoxiously long filter I’ve come to despise in so many pre-rolls. 

BC Organic Platinum Punch
Simply Bare’s BC Organic Platinum Punch pre-rolls come in a convenient tin. Photo by Amanda Siebert.

Flavour and Smoking Experience: 3.5/5

This cultivar is aptly named, with taste matching aroma for notes of berries, cherries, and citrus. There’s a sweetness and a richness to the flavour of this flower, which shows no evidence of overdrying and burns quite evenly. 

I did run into one issue consistently: at times I found them to be quite tightly rolled, making it hard to get a nice pull. A little massaging seemed to do the trick on joints two and three, but about halfway through my first pre-roll, I gave up and decided to smoke the rest in my bong. 

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At least this way I was able to confirm visually that the quality of the flower in these pre-rolls is top notch—which you’d expect at a price of almost $29 plus tax (or more) for 1.5 grams of cannabis, depending on your location. Pricey, yes, but if you’re comparing them to a cocktail, the analogy fits.

Effects: 5/5

I tried these pre-rolls on three different occasions: the first two were enjoyed in the woods seated around a campfire on consecutive evenings. A year ago, I definitely would have felt compelled to have a beer or a gin and lemonade in my hand in such a setting, but last week, these joints provided similar effects: I felt relaxed, yet social; perfect for the outdoor setting and good company. The third was enjoyed in the sun on my balcony midday, and despite being described as an “indica,” I felt uplifted and energetic after a few puffs. 

BC Organic Platinum Punch: 18.5/20

If it’s not already apparent, these are near the top of my list when it comes to pre-rolls. I’m not a frequent buyer of this type of product as I generally prefer to roll my own, but if I was in a rush, or feeling fancy (I’ll be honest, I am both of these things more often than I like to admit), I’d definitely try these again.