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Review: BLKMKT MacFlurry Packs A Smooth Pull And A Fragrant Punch

The Source

For those who have never tried an offering from BLKMKT, MacFlurry is another great release from the team at GTEC Holdings. Very much in line with their existing offerings including Cherry Punch, Alien SinMint Cookies and Peanut Butter Mac, MacFlurry, a cross between Mac1 and Wedding Cake, does not disappoint. The team has also produced some incredible flower through their Tenzo line. I’m excited by every new cultivar they release, because as advertised, these guys are growing top shelf cannabis across the board. It’s obvious to me they are dedicated to bringing only the best flower and product to market. 

The Approach

My preferred method of consumption is smoking a joint, because in my opinion, nothing provides you with a better overall experience with flower. I always start with a dry pull so I can really take in the terps and flavours. This quick habit usually tells me how much I’m going to enjoy this smoke. I also look to see how the flower breaks up, because when the flower is just right, nothing is more satisfying than a joint that practically rolls itself. I also never use a filter (definitely a rant for another segment) because they change the flavour of the smoke. I prefer my terps paper-free. 

The Bones

Let’s get to it: right off the bat, MacFlurry has a great nose. As soon as I opened the jar I could practically smell the joy that awaited me. This is a pungent flower with a beautiful sweet and piney aroma. The perfectly manicured nugs sported an array of beautiful colours. At this point, I was giddy, like a kid in a candy store (or an adult in a legal rec shop). I got to rolling this great looking and smelling flower and found it spun up beautifully, with good moisture content. I took my dry pulls and it was so tasty I almost didn’t want to light it. (But that’s no fun, so sparky-spark it went.)

MacFlurry by BLKMRKT
BLKMKT MacFlurry offers big, fragrant buds with ideal moisture content.

This joint burned clean white ash and had a smoothness to it that every smoker would appreciate. Sure, hacking your brains out on some funky flower might have its own weird appeal, but a smooth pull with no harshness on the throat is where it’s at for me. I’ve noticed the smooth draw and lack of throat irritation with other BLKMKT offerings such as Alien SinMint Cookies, which makes me curious to ask GTEC’s CEO Norton Singhavon how this company goes through its selection process to try and stay ahead of this cutthroat market of cannabis genetics. 

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The Smoke

The next step in enjoying the fruits of cannabis is the high. This MacFlurry had me toasted within a few minutes of finishing the joint. The effects were clear-headed and very relaxing, without any anxiety—great for a round of golf or a movie. This is when I know personally, I’ve found a cultivar I like.

I then asked myself, “how universal is it?” I love flower that allows me to enjoy myself in multiple settings, and I’d say this MacFlurry is very universal. I highly recommend it and would definitely buy it again. As a matter of fact, I’d buy this in a larger quantity if it was available. (Generally I buy cannabis in eighths, so I don’t get stuck with too much of a flower I don’t enjoy.)

MacFlurry is for people who enjoy strong cannabis. This hit very solid and makes a great choice for daytime or evening use. All in all, this cultivar is exactly what I look for and is a top-shelf representative in the recreational market. The baseline has been set: high-quality cannabis is flooding the market and with more and more craft and micro producers raising the bar, LPs need to bring their “A” game.