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Secret Mintz

Review: The Secret Is Out On Secret Mintz, The Latest Flower From Dunn Cannabis

Dunn Cannabis is located in Abbotsford in BC’s Fraser Valley, and is currently taking the craft producer space by storm. The secret is out on their latest strain: Secret Mintz.

This team has been producing some top-shelf flower, and are only showing more promise that they will continue to do so. Previous releases such as Karma (my favourite), Island Pink Head, and Açai Berry Gelato were all highly anticipated and did not disappoint. As a result, my expectations for Secret Mintz were very high. I love trying a new strain fresh off the shelf, especially when it’s coming from a producer with a great track record like Dunn. 

The Source

This strain came in at a very respectable 25.8 percent THC, which I’ve found to be a popular baseline for many strains hitting the marketplace as of late (or at least around that level). Secret Mintz really shines with 2.41 percent terpenes, which give this flower a very distinctive mint fragrance, and easily make it the best representation of a mint cultivar I’ve tried in the market. Others such as Kush Mints, Chimp Mints, and Punch Mints have not had the very distinctive fragrance, and in that respect, this flower really knocks it out of the park. 

I purchased this through Shelter Market as it was one of the first medical providers to offer Dunn Cannabis products. When it first released Island Pink Head over a year ago, many local retailers hadn’t even heard of them. Today, most retailers in my area have Dunn on their shelves. 

The Bones

I opened the bag to a pungent minty aroma, and inside were three very frosty large buds. This was shaping up very nicely! I really do enjoy the suspense of buying a new product, and not knowing what to expect because of the regulated packaging requirements. It’s not like it used to be, when your buddy used to roll up with a giant bag of weed reeking of skunk and you could see it and smell it immediately upon purchase. The sight and smell jars being used today in some retail locations don’t quite do flower the justice it deserves. So, when I purchase cannabis these days, I tend to enjoy the mystery of what lies within. 

Secret Mintz by Dunn Cannabis (Photo courtesy Dunn Cannabis)

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The Approach

These beautifully manicured buds broke up very nicely in the grinder and stuck together when I rolled the flower into a ZigZag, showing great moisture content. The joint rolled almost effortlessly. I took my dry pulls to taste the flavour of this cultivar and it was delightful. (I’m actually surprised I smoke so much considering how much I enjoy the taste of a non-lit joint. But like I’ve said before, that’s no fun.)

This joint smoked very well, with an even burn and clean white ash. This smoke was very smooth and easy on the throat thanks to great moisture and curing with a clean, flushed plant, the way it should be done. Thumbs up to Dunn Cannabis.

The Smoke

The effects hit me within minutes. I was feeling pleasant and calm with a good head high. I ended up smoking another joint about 30 minutes later, only because I was really loving the mellow feelings and calm vibe that this cultivar produced for me. 

All in all, this is a great release from Dunn Cannabis. I would recommend Secret Mintz to those looking for a flower with calming effects that also keeps you functional and won’t glue you to the couch. I found the effects were very similar to their Karma cultivar, but with a mellower high that doesn’t punch quite as hard. Put this one on your buy list today and enjoy.