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Coast Mountain Cannabis

Review: Pure Cake Skunk by Coast Mountain Cannabis Is A Slice Of Nice

The Source

Coast Mountain Cannabis is located in Pemberton, B.C. It is a certified organic producer growing a few meticulously crafted cultivars, and from what I can see, these guys are doing it right. If I have learned anything from the landscape for today’s craft producers, it’s that it’s not about how much cannabis you can produce, but about the quality of the cannabis you’re producing. The race is on to bring consumers something special.

There’s a lot to like about Coast Mountain Cannabis. What’s most impressive among this very tightknit club of craft producers is the comradery, compassion, and willingness to share information, ideas, and lessons learned. Their latest offering is BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk, a potent indica dominant hybrid.

The Approach

Full disclosure, before I tried this flower I had never heard of Coast Mountain Cannabis. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry, always looking for new producers to sample with an eye for craft and micro producers. Generally, when I walk into my local retailer I’m on the hunt for a specific flower that’s been on my radar, or a new offering from some of my favourite producers. Recently, I went in to get a few staples and I decided to ask the budtender for a recommendation on something that was new to their shelves.

I don’t usually do this due to some unlucky past experiences, but as I’m now seeing a shift away from retailers pushing “big box” producers and stocking more and more high-quality craft flower, I figured I’d give it a go. Right away both budtenders in the shop unanimously agreed that I had to try BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk, citing it as their favourite new flower. I loved the way they hyped up this flower so much that it got me excited to give it a try.

The Bones

This flower came in at a potent 27.5 percent THC and 2.44 percent terpenes. The nose on this flower was very pungent, with citrus and pine notes mixed with skunk, some of my favorite aromas. Moisture was on point making this flower roll beautifully and effortlessly. The dry pulls on this joint were packed with flavour and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Coast Mountain Cannabis
Pure Cake Skunk is the latest offering from Pemberton, BC-based micro producer Coast Mountain Cannabis.
The Smoke

This joint hit like a powerhouse, and I was toasted within minutes. Right away, I was grateful I took this recommendation from my local budtenders. The smoke was flavourful and clean with only a slight tickle to the throat, similar to other heavy kush strains I’ve tried before. Being an indica dominant hybrid, this cultivar put me on the couch quickly and efficiently! The effects were long-lasting and brought on an intense and enjoyable munchies session.

All in all, I highly recommend giving this flower a shot on your next movie night. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart, and packs quite the punch. Perfect for a mellow evening on the couch. 

Coast Mountain Cannabis has made me a buyer and is now fully on my radar. I suggest retailers get this product on their shelves right away, as consumers need to have this in their rolling trays. I’m looking forward to trying their other offering in BC Organic Peanut Butter Souffle very soon.

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