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Mood Ring

Review: Smoking Too Much Flower? Mood Ring High THC Capsules Are A Great Substitute (And Cheaper)

I always thought taking capsules made the most sense for daily THC users like me, but love the ritual of smoking too much to quit cold turkey. This romance with joints started in my early teens and kept me away from more inconspicuous methods of consumption for most of my adult life, on top of my hard-to-beat tolerance.

It made me a little reticent, but generally excited, to try the high THC capsules offered by Mood Ring, which the dispensary clerk assured me would please even the most experienced stoners.

Mood Ring Keeps It Simple

Mood Ring is a Neptune Wellness brand offering products at reasonable price points, with values of quality, sustainability, and accessibility. Inside each non-GMO gelcap is a blend of organic extra virgin olive oil and high THC extract. They’re careful to keep it natural, without the use of any additives, allergens, starch, gluten, and plasticizers in their production line. The company also has their eye on the environment, and plants a tree through One Tree Planted with every purchase customers make.

Mood Ring
These 10 milligram THC capsules by Mood Ring offer a discrete way to consume, and for Aly Laube, they made a suitable replacement for smoked flower.

Capsules Could Help Cut Back Flower Consumption

Over a few days spent with relatives, I experimented with replacing joints with a dose of two 10 milligram capsules, and was generally pleased with the effects: I felt a gentle, long-lasting body high, as well as anxiety and pain reduction. Whereas smoking hits me right away and fades within a couple hours, capsules crept up on me and stuck around. The high was peaceful, happy, and level, great for holding conversations in public or working through a to-do list at home. 

If you like using different methods of consuming cannabis simultaneously, my recommendation is to use these capsules with another preferred means to cut back on how much flower you use. Taking the capsules in the morning is a nice way to start the day and manage any symptoms that tend to creep up as the hours go by. 

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For a more instant fix to pain or mood management, go for glass or paper, but if you’re looking for a steady, chill high, these Mood Ring capsules will tickle your fancy.

Capsules Could Be A More Affordable Option

The $30 bottle contains 30 capsules, so if you’re taking four per day, that’ll only last about a week. A month’s supply, by that dosage, would be about four bottles’ worth for me, putting total expenses at about $120, less than I was spending on flower monthly. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially for anyone trying to make better use of their money and cannabis.

Mood Ring
Mood Ring’s high THC capsules offer 10 milligrams of THC each.

There’s also a tiny bit of CBD in each capsule — 0.5 milligrams to be precise — which, combined with the THC, helped to alleviate some of the muscle and joint pain I experienced after getting my second Pfizer dose. For full-body discomfort like that, the capsules worked wonders. 

Want to skip the swallowing? Try Mood Ring’s high THC oil, which is very close to what’s found in the capsules, and allows more wiggle room when it comes to increasing or decreasing your dose. 

High CBD capsules and oil are also an option for folks who aren’t a fan of heavy head highs. Mood Ring also offered flower, including a Florida Citrus Kush that looks heavenly. That’s next on my to-review list.