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Dr. Sue Sisley Leads First FDA Cannabis Research Study on PTSD

Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with Dr. Sue Sisley to talk about her journey into the cannabis world. While Sue has never used cannabis herself, she has seen the impact it has had on her patients. More specifically, veterans suffering from PTSD, as Sue has worked directly with those vets throughout her entire career. Over time Sue realized that the amount of legal, prescription opioids and other pharmaceuticals she was giving to these patients was doing more harm than good. Eventually, some of her patients began to try cannabis on their own. That is when Sue realized that there had to be more to this plant than she originally suspected.

It is reported that 22 veterans commit suicide everyday in America and, while that number is reported much lower than it should be (for reasons discussed in the podcast), that is still way to many for Sue to sit by and let it happen. Her research got her kicked out of the University of Arizona, where she had been in good standing for over eight (8) years. Now, she is not only becoming a voice for veterans, but one of the groundbreaking medical researchers of cannabis in America.

You may listen to Tim’s interview here: