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International Canna Pro Expo

A neurology professor from the University of South Florida will join a group of speakers to bring together leaders in health care and medical marijuana.

Dr. Juan Sanchez-Ramos, who conducts research on Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, is one of seven speakers to advocate for medical marijuana at the three-day International Canna Pro Expo that starts Oct. 2.

The professor will discuss how marijuana can help treat neurological disorders, slow down brain aging, and relieve pain for people who can’t take opiates.

He hopes to win over health care professionals not yet sold on marijuana’s benefits and explain the need for more studies on the plant.

Plants have historically been used for beneficial drugs, be it aspirin from willow bark or morphine from poppies. It is anticipated that a resurgence of marijuana research will come with more legalization.

The expo expects to bring over 2,000 people to Orlando.