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Movement for Marijuana Legalization Reaches India

Following several countries around the world, including Uruguay and some states in the USA, the movement for legalization of marijuana reached India on Sunday May 10th 2015 in Bengaluru with speakers at the country’s first Medical Cannabis Conference calling for open and honest study on its ability to cure cancer and other ailments.

Addressing the conference was Rick Simpson, the founder of Phoenix Tears, who extracts concentrated cannabis oil for the purpose of treating cancer. He claims to have used it to cure several people with the oil, and said it is time people suffering from ailments, particularly cancer, are allowed to take plant for its curative effect instead of going in for radiation or chemotherapy.

Viki Vaurora, founder of the Great Legislation Movement which organized the conference, termed marijuana the first agricultural crop in the country and said its medical qualities have been explained in the Vedas which considered it a sacred plant.